About me


Nadja Thomas is a multimedia journalist, documentary filmmaker and cinematographer freelancing in New York City. Journalism to her is about telling stories. She is always searching for the story behind the characters she encounters, looking for narratives in unlikely places. Nadja has a fervent interest in the visual arts, a passion for storytelling and a penchant for photography that she developed while taking a film photography class at her alma mater Temple University. She believes that the world is full of stories waiting to be packaged and told.

Currently Nadja is the Director for Life Beyond Dem Trains, a documentary in progress that follows the lives of dancers who perform on the New York City subways. She is also the Associate Producer at Promise Land Films, a Reporter for BBC’s Talking Movies, and a reporter for 18 Degrees North—an investigative TV News Magazine show for the Caribbean.

Nadja previously worked as an Assistant Editor and Production Assistant at Trilogy Films. There she had the opportunity to work on several social justice stories that have bolstered her belief that telling stories is necessary work.

Nadja’s past work experience as a contributor for Art Recognition and Culture magazine (ARC), and as a travel writer for MACO Caribbean combined with her somewhat peripatetic life, born in the Windward island of Dominica, and living in the United States, has given her a breadth of diverse everyday living.

Feel free to take a look at her work.